hot to get rid of panic attacks over bridges

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    6 Answers or try the tunnel
    wow this is a good one close your eyes an less your driving then dont you might think i am being funny im not I use to suffer from these nitemares blow out all that bad air in your lungs and keep blowing until you of the bridge but be aware that you could get dizzie but belive me it works mel

    Nope... You can still hear the bump bump bump of the bridge... And that leads to the thump thump thump of your poor heart trying to can out of your chest. LOL
    I am nervous just thinking aobut it.

    wll i dont know what els you can except put ear plugs in mel
    xanax helps.
    Good luck.. I nearly drove my hubby anfy me off of a bridge I pulled the wheel while he was driving... I have gotten better.. A small bridge at a time... I can finally go to the beach.... But when we when of the Chesapeke Bay I had to be knocked out on dramamine.

    Hehehe ... When they close the tunnel bridge due to high winds, it makes you think, huh?
    I took an axiety management course and would highly recommend it! It helps to go through different steps to get you over what things cause you panic/anxiety attacks. If you want more info just comment on this.
    In Maryland, they actually have drivers you can pay to take you across the Bay Bridge!

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