Why women now days don't want to have alot of children ?

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    Eddina Symns

    We no longer need a huge family, with children acting as laborers.
    AND, frankly, most of us cannot afford more than a couple of children.
    I do think, though, that we should insist that the children we do have learn to do their share of the work, and learn the joy of working.

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    Cost to much... we are not on farms any more we buy everthing we eat.

    Don't want anymore kids myself one was gracious plenty.

    because nowadays they can' afford it, and people have hastier lives, they don't
    want to settle down anymore. The Earth is getting fuller, and on a conscious level we humans
    don't feel the need to populate it. =] There is also lower fertility rates to consider.

    how many kids do you have?

    1 childs enough for me thanks!

    I will get 22 a couple two football team it be good can afford make money

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