What would cause a computer to turn itself off ? Mostly when playing games online?

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    If you're using a PC, then you may need a better cooling system. The graphics in on line games tend to make your computer work harder and the built in cooling systems aren't enough to keep up. Consider investing in a cooling system such as this one

    The games i play are Warcraft 3 the Frozen Throne which is a 2003 game and the other Battlefield Bad Company 2 , and it does it just when i am surfing the web too ,so i am sure it is just a virus or just overheating

    I am sure it was just overheating i opened the side and put a fan blowing in it and it hasn't turned off yet ,i noticed it was full of junk and i cleaned it the best i could but it still needs cleaned. THanks for the help JDB and Colleen

    Are you using a laptop or a PC?

    If you're using a laptop, do you have a cooling pad for it? You're laptop could be over heating. This would cause your computer to shut down.

    I smoked my old PC because I never cleaned the cooling fins on the cpu. You might want to open it up and take a look at how dirty it is in there, Or take it into a computer servicecenter



    Good point. Sometimes it's easy to overlook the simple solutions when your mind goes to the technical. : )

    may be its just tired

    low battery or ovrheating

    May disagree with the games you are playing

    I have a Pc. Its custom built and has a 9600 geforce NVIDIA graphics card it has been working fine for the past 2 years it just recently started to turn itself off , it has 3 fans in it one on the top of the tower case one on the back ,and one right on the graphics card itself. Over heating sounds like what it is , it just seems weird it just started. if there is any other reasons please share them.

    Thanks, Colleen much appreciated!


    If you're playing games using 3D graphics, they require a tremendous amount of your computers energy and speed. Have you begun playing different games with more graphics in them?

    How old is your graphics card? It may need updating.

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