How do you stop pasta from soaking up all the moisture when you store it for the night

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    drain it well  then toss in a light olive oil, this stops it drying out then seal in an airtight container

    Keep in an airtight container and add some paper towels to the top
    Pasta doesn't store well. Make, or buy, large quantities of the sauces you like and freeze those in portions. They reheat fast in a microwave. Pasta is best cooked fresh.

    I have bought and frozen filled pasta but that has been specially prepared and says on the packet it is suitable for home freezing.
    Make sure you dry the pasta as much as you can, even use a CLEAN tea towel to dab it.
    The put it into either a good tupperware type dish or preferably a glass bowl, cover with cling film & pierce once or twice to make breather holes & pop into fridge.
    When u go to use it take out of fridge remove film & let stand at room temp for an hour.

    All of these answers are good ones but, I might add that you don't cook the pasta real well, you know, just al dente.....

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