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    Whats the name of the indentation on the bottom of a wine bottle?

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    <a href="/users/7589/manshan/">@Manshan</a>, it's who made the bottle, I like easy questions.

    Headless Man

    Would you believe:This is not completely true, but there is actually quite a bit of truth to it.
    Although, I've found that the punt depth is actually more of a representation of how much pride the producers take in what they've created. A winemaker who grows his own grapes, harvests them and then takes his creation all the way to bottle will most likely be more proud of what he eventually bottles. He will want to put it in a nice package (deeper punt) which is a reflection of that pride.

    Headless Man

    A large scale negociant who buys mass quantities of finished juice and only bottles and markets the product will be more likely to put the juice in a cheap bottle (less punt depth) so he can sell it quickly. He's more concerned with business issues like cash flow.

    I understand

    Dave19, I'm new here,what kind of questions should I be asking? I thought this was a general knowledge and fun type site. Maybe I'm a little out of my league here. I'd better quit before I get slammed aswell.


    Glad you asked 1967,the collective knowledge and experience of the site members is a valuable resource that can be drawn upon by those that may need it,it should not be trivialised by those who are too lazy to look up a simple question for themselves.The internet is a vast repository of facts that are easily accessed and SHOULD be the first resort of those that require general knowledge type answers.

    If you enter this question into google it will straight away tell you the answer you require;So,tell me exactly WHY you decided to ask this fatuous question on this site instead of doing that very thing ??,Seriously,I really want to know why you did this,just like so many others before you have done.

    Sorry genius. My intention was to get a simple answer to a simple question. What's the big deal. Why do you care if I have a limited vocabulary? A simple punt would have worked nicely.


    Ease up Dave, no one asked you to read or answer Manshan's questions. It's annoying when people like you bring your Negative Nancy attitudes on here. Get over it and stop being fatuous ... please :)


    Wasn't implying you were homosexual at all actually. It would be just like calling you "Downer Debbie". I can change it to Negative Nick if you'd like.


    Yes, simply telling you the answer would have ended the matter,BUT,Igenuinely want to know WHY these sort of questions are being asked on THIS site instead of using the many resources available that will give an instant and authorative answer.


    I do not know from whence you hail Ashlight16,but where I came from calling someone a "Nancy" was to imply that they were homosexual,a remark that resulted in many lost teeth in my youth.

    What in the hell does fatuous mean?


    I would say look it up in your dictionary but as you have to ask it's pretty obvious that you do not have one.


    I like your post Shadow but the implication that fatuous is a made up word is incorrect;Fatuous is a perfectly legitimate word and is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as,foolish,silly,insipid or idiotic;I do envy your creative ability with the alphabet though.


    It ia deflatuationarory rule of mine when on makes up a word on the internet, is is sulusiatory that it be followed by a hupersynthical meaining allowing the undereducated to fagulate or strimucate a valutorioized visitude from the inoculative remencorpation of the constitutionalization heriticall and gractionlation of the forecationized wordization.


    Speak English Shadow, LOL

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