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    I have been having dreams about my relationship and some are good and some are bad mostly they have other females in it where he leaves me for them but keep coming back to me and then some are where we are getting married please help me i really need to know so i know where this relatinship is going.

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    Dreams are the subconscious abstract process of processing conscious issues you are having problems dealing with. In other words, it is lifting you out of the issues you are dealing with so you can get a different view of them. Although, sometimes the conscious issues aren't real, and therefore will only delay in how you consciously deal with the reality of things.
    I would like to help, here and apologise that I've missed the question.

    Let's see...

    You do not tell your "story", rather, the story behind the dream. it will tell us what it is that you are viewing.

    However, one thing to note, the elements are definitely with regards to your relationship.

    However, if there be any consolation to you, you should know, dreams of infidelity are not always what they appear to be. Often, it is about the dreamer being and feeling inadequate in the relationship. Remember too, that the dream is all your own perspective and will be told in your own words about the things that you, yourself, have witnessed.

    Yet, there are keys, in some dreams, that will absolutely pinpoint when a person is out of line in the relationship.

    This is what we've got to go by here...

    they have other females in it where he leaves me for them but keep coming back to me and then some are where we are getting married

    What is this saying???

    Dream is saying you fear that there are other influences in your relationship ("other females in it") and you fear you are going to lose this love of yours to them ("he leaves me fo them"). Clearly, you know he will still rely on you ("keep coming back to me") and the reason is because you are committed to each other ("we're getting married').

    *This must be a very young relationship. Dream says: "we're getting"... Therefore, you're not quite there. or you haven't been together very long. i'd say, probably about a year.

    Your sister,

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