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    I just went to a fast food restaurant and ordered the happy meal(for myself)...I asked to Large size the drink. The guy said he couldn't large size the happy meal drink, he could only medium size it.
    Bear in mind.....ALL SIZE DRINKS ARE $1.00!!!!!
    Is that crazy or what????

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    Yes, just go to in and out, I miss that place since I left CA. What a great alternative to McDonalds.


    i wish i lived closer to an In and Out! :)

    When I go to a fast food place and eat inside, I always order a small drink, they give free refills, why pay for just a bigger cup?? Also here in CA starting with San Francisco, happy meals are not allowed to be served. In San Fransicko its already law. Another fine attempt to control your life from the Liberal left.


    Normally I do same thing. But Mcd's drinks are same price no matter the size. That's why I thought it was crazy for me not to be able to large size my drink. WOW, i didnt know in CA happy meals cannot be served....not even to children?

    At least when you used your credit/debit card to pay for it they didn't charge a fee like Carls jr its a 1.00 with them, Stay with Mac Donalds it free.


    I don't eat at carls jr...and NOW i really will not. Thats crazy
    i wish i lived closer to an in and out :)

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