I have a P T Cruiser --03. When the engine light comes on, what does it usually mean ? The car is running fine.

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    I am sometimes involved in a ministry called,"Cruisers fro Christ," it gives Pt cruisers to single mom's with free maintenance for a year. They need a lot of maintenance!!! Cool looking cars though, they are to slow in my opinion, except for the turbo.
    It usually means that the computer set a code.- My Dodge Magnum will set a code and the engine light will come on, after about 15 engine starts it will go out if it's not a problem. last time it did that it was because i 'redlined' it and it didn't like it so it warned me not to do that again with the 'check engine light'.. You might be ok, just start it a few times ..

    i miss my pt cruiser ~ cutest little car i've ever seen. i fell in love with it at first glance. unfortunately, it fell apart after five years.

    OOPS!! LOL
    wow! congratulations, leeroy. yes, they are slow. yes they need too much maintenance but how great for your ministry to give single mom's a gift that will help them get on their feet.
    Try and disconnect the battery temninal for a minute reconnect and see if light stays on or goes out
    It really means get it to the shop ASAP to have them check it for a problem. This is regardless of make, model and year. Happened to my 1991 Plymouth at 38,000 miles. Needed new EGR. Fixed at no cost. Car ran beautifully for 13 yrs till I crashed it. (boo hoo)

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