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    Hi, i have swelling in my lymph nodes just underneath my left ear and when i visited the ER on fri night, they did blood work which showed no elevated levels of WBC's and they gave me a steroid shot to decrease the swelling, and 2 codeine tablets and discharged around 2am, after i fell asleep i woke up with severe upper right abdominal ache and my parents had to call ambulance and they did an ultrasound and found out that my liver had enlarged and bile duct was also dilated :( its sunday today and my pcp gave me antibiotics and i have no improvement in the swelling , infact the pain is increasing and i have pain in my neck and jaw too :( anyone has ever faced it, how should i get rid of this problem :( please help !

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    See your doc.. in the morning... Yoiu need aditional test run.. the office will have your records from the ER. You have an infection...
    thank you Jenn, but i have visited my PCP on sat. and i am taking Amoxicillin, its growing bigger :( right now i am drinking the ginger tea too!

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