what is a heart

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    In many Asian countries, the heart was thought to be the center of universe, functioning like a brain and capable of having feelings.  This is being reflected by the words used hundreds of years ago and are still being used to day:

    Chinese (Teo Chew):  sia sim (watch your heart) or be careful.

    Thai:  Khao Jai Mai (Does it sink into your heart)?  or do you understand?

             Jai Noi (small heart) or be saddened by some mean words

             Jai dum (black heart) or evil person

             Jai dee (good heart) or generous heart or person

             Jai Yen (cool heart) or a calm individual

             Sao Jai (sad heart) or depressed

             Son Jai (interested heart) or being interested in something

             Jep Jai (hurt heart) or pissed off

             Samuk Jai (introduce heart) or willingness to participate


    The heart is so important to Asian people.  Therefore,  if you are going to marry an Asian woman, try to be Jai Dee (kind heart) in order that your marriage will give you Sabai Jai (heart of ease).  You should never be referred to as Jai Dum (black heart) or evil!

    The heart beyond the obvious an organ pumping blood.The  heart is your spirit soul you love hate forgive ask question seek wisdom you ponder enjoy beauty one word humanity!



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    Something that can be broken easily.

    "Free to roam!"

    An organ.

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