why do some people get so upset with me just because i'm only stating my thoughts

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    I've taken a look at some of your answers here. I do not see any one having conflict with you but I do see you posted some "less than helpful" replies. If you do the same in the real world, then I guess I can see why people might not always appreciate your opinion.
    rather than getting upset they useally give a thumbs down or both
    Because your thoughts don't agree with them.
    It depends.

    Are you stating your opinion in a regular conversation that has to do with the subject matter, or do you always state your opinion, even when it isn't asked for or wanted?
    I think that Colleen should have a big star with her name because she makes a lot of sence, but can I still have a bit of fun???

    That's what this place is all about...having fun. I think you can figure out the serious questions and the ones we can tear up and have fun with. Now go play...just make sure you have good answers for people who really are needing assistance ; )
    I would only hope that my opinion would be addressed by those who chouse to listen to my pointof view

    When stating an opinion publicly, you are giving permission for all people to express their opinion back. You don't get to pick and choose who can respond. I'm sure everyone would love to hear back from only those who agree with them. That's just not how the world works though. ; )
    Thats no reason to be conflitive

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