What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

    What do you want people to say about you after you die, especially family?

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    I would like to leave footprints of good on ones heart and soul and good thoughts on their minds.
    that i did my best and spoke the truth and failed no one, but himself
    Headless Man

    Should I stop giving you TU you passed

    its been a real nail biter,thumbs up for the thumbs up

    You both need to be nice to me. I can control which one of you is ahead.
    Thought I'd bring up a good question again, seem like the ones today are lame.
    I want to be remembered for loving and helping others, leading as many to God as possible, especially family and friends. If only by my life and faith, the example I leave.
    And for my headless
    No, proud.
    That I served my country at a time when joining the service was considered foolish after the draft was abolished.
    Headless Man

    So you want to be remembered as being foolish? jk
    I hope that when I leave here my family will smile when they think of me. It would be so good if they thought ...Dad was a good dad.

    Thanks Randy. Hope you are as nice when you see my new answer about the poor Harley
    My kids are the only really important thing I am going to leave behind.With them I leave behind my morals and desire to live life rather than exist from day to day as well as the ability to love.At times I have wondered what they have learnt from me but every once in a while these traits show up so this is my legacy
    I'd like my legacy to be in the life lessons that I pass on to my kids, both biological and my students. I hope that those lessons are handed down from generation to generation.

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