What does a infusion port look like

    Im fixen to have a port put in My chest & all i know is in feed what ever medician you r going to be given in to your are body. So i was just wondering what does it look like.

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    Chemotherapy Infusion Port Placement
    Infusion ports are small metallic disks with a central silicone core that have an attached thin, plastic tube which enters the blood stream. The ports are placed under the skin in a small "pocket" which is created by making a 2-3 cm incision in the skin. Once the skin is sutured, no part of the port is visible. Chemotherapy is given by a nurse who inserts a needle through the skin into the silicone core of the port. The medications travel through the port and attached plastic tube and come out into the blood stream close to the heart. The ports are much easier to tolerate than repeated insertions of an intravenous line, and because the port is completely under the skin, patients can be more active and feel better about how they look.

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