what is rory sabatini's problem with the pga

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    The AP's Doug Ferguson brings together the many threads of this story, noting that Sabbatini is now facing a potential suspension after two incidents that, shall we say, don't reflect the best of what we expect of our golf pros.

    The first incident took place much earlier this year, at the Northern Trust Open at Riviera. According to the AP's sources, a teenage volunteer marked a spot in foot-high grass near the fifth green where he thought Sabbatini's ball had landed. Sabbatini launched into a tirade against the kid for allegedly affecting the ball; as it turned out, the ball wasn't even his.

    More recently, at last week's Zurich Classic, Sabbatini and playing partner Sean O'Hair got into a "profanity-laced argument," the reasons behind which haven't been disclosed. Pat Perez, the third member of the trio, told the AP that the PGA Tour has asked him not to comment on it, but other players in the area said the argument got so fierce that O'Hair's caddie had to keep the players apart.

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