how does a sat nav work

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    What is a Satellite Navigational System?


    A satellite navigational system is one that uses satellites and certain geometrical principles to determine geographical location. Common satellite navigational systems are often called Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Satellite navigational systems can be portable or fixed in place within a vehicle. They also vary significantly in terms of price, accuracy, and size. Although GPS systems are the most common form of satellite navigational system, any device that uses satellites for navigational purposes qualifies as a satellite navigational system.

    How Does a Satellite Navigational System Work?


    A satellite navigational system like a GPS works using a simple geometrical principle called triangulation. The satellite navigational system is connected to two or more satellites. The computer within the system can then determine, using triangulation, where the system is located. This is due to the fact that if the position of two points of a triangle are known, the third point's location can be determined using simple math.

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