What is the speed limit in Arizona?

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    Most of Arizona's interstate freeways have a posted speed limit of 75 miles per hour. Arizona major interstates are Interstate 17, Interstate 40 and Interstate 10.

    Arizona freeways such as Interstate 10 through Phoenix have speed limits that drop to 65 or 55 miles per hour
    When approaching cities, the speed limit on the interstates usually drops to 65 or even 55 miles per hour in and around metropolitan areas.

    On Arizona state highways (also called state routes) and U.S. routes in Arizona, the speed limit is 65 miles per hour.

    Pay special attention when traveling on the rural sections of these highways as they pass through small towns.

    The speed limit will generally drop to 35- to 40-miles per hour, even through the tiniest town.

    Drivers who fail to slow are easy pickings for traffic tickets from local law enforcement agencies.

    General Speed Limits in Arizona (unless otherwise posted):

    Business or Residential District: 25 miles per hour.

    School Crossing: 15 mph approaching a school crossing.

    Rural Area Highways: 65 miles per hour.

    Four-lane Highway: 65 miles per hour. Note: may be 55 mph in urban areas.

    Interstate Freeway: 75 miles per hour but may drop to 65 mph or even 55 mph on winding roads, in mountainous areas and in cities.

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