wear do i get the lyrics for the song please stay by crying shames

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    By asking nlnnet!

    If I got on my knees and I pleaded with you
    Not to go but to stay in my arms
    Would you walk out the door
    Like you did once before

    This time be different
    Please stay don't go

    If I call out your name like a prayer
    Would you leave me alone with my tears
    Knowing I need you so
    Would you still turn and go

    This time be different please stay
    Don't go please stay

    I loved you before I even knew your name
    I wanted to give you my heart
    But when you came back after me one time
    Oh I knew, yes I knew that the heartaches would start

    If I called out your name like a song
    That was written for you, you alone
    Would you still hurt all my pride
    Oh, hey, how I cried

    This time be different
    Please stay

    Oh, this time be different in some way
    Don't go please stay
    You know I’ll always love you Darling . . .
    Please Stay

    Thank you ninnet.

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