As a human race, why do we divide each other by hatred, rather than coming together? ...

    For if we pooled our knowledge, respectfully, then wouldn't we be benefiting and advancing the human race?

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    Thank you for your reply Colleen.

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    There is hope out there. Our younger Generation has more Tolerance for people who are different or are of different race.
    They have friends of different ethnic backgrounds and they talk to young people on the internet who live in different countries who have the same Hopes and Dreams. There will always be some that hate and have no Tolerance of others. I believe in young people evereywhere. They will teach us by example.

    I like your optimism.

    thank you ann,for standing up for us kids,
    We hate that which we often fear.
    I just think it's because neighborhoods are quite segregated, people are more comfortable being around people like them. The less experience you have with different people, especially when your growing up, the more room it leaves for speculation.

    If you have to guess what someone is truly like, you're not going to come out with a realistic answer probably. Getting to know one another, is the answer If you don't have any friends of other races, or ethnic backgrounds, go out and make some....

    Good answer.

    Thanks Norm...
    papa peg

    You know leeroy when they killed Bin Laden.Everyone was happy hugging partying.The next day it was back to their old selves.Why can't people be like that all the time.Does somebody have to die for us to get along.

    The only other place I know of where people are that friendly is church, maybe we have to go there to meet some nice, happy people? Yes, it's a shame that people cant come together more often on good terms, not that it doesn't ever happen it's just kind of rare...

    Some people dont give this example here leeroy,I agree with you, reguarding Getting to know each other, of ethnic back grounds, until someone ,writes a comment about Muslims,and the, getting to know each other soon changes. There are good and bad in every race.
    people today are alienated from god.can u just imagine what a wonderful world it would be if we all loved our neighbor as we do ourselves.that is what our heavenly father expects from us.lets all start today.make the world a better unto others as u want them to do to more stealing

    Great answer!

    very nice .i am 100% agree with u . who give more hands to souch a way of living;-) love 2 u

    You couldn't have said it any better!TU
    hatred comes naturely, love you got to work at, i choose love,true love is color blind and keeps no record of ones wrong doings. not all adhere to this idealogy, until then i'd prefere to seek out the good in man rather than whats ugly

    I like what you say. I think you and I see a lot of things alike.

    i know we both worship the same one true god
    The hatred which divides nation from nation, race from race, class from class.

    All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

    Father Forgive.

    (Words from the litany of the Chapel of Unity, built by the people of all five continents on the site of the old Coventry Cathedral, bombed in WW2.)
    believe it or not satan control this earth and he is not interested in the human race to be in peace and harmony read your bible

    true,satan has been cast down to the earth,woe for the earth because the devil has come down to you having great anger knowing he has a short period of time. rev 12:12
    joe lavane

    i know u are a jw for sure , i was studing for a while , true ??

    as these things start to occur,lift yourselves errect and lift your heads up because your deliverence is getting near.luke 21:28 yes we live in exciting times these last god while he may yet be found.
    joe lavane

    matt 24 14 this good news will be preach first in all the world then the end will come ,

    you got it!god will not always tolerate all of the badness that is destroying his creations.and making life so miserable for people who want to live by gods kiss the son lest god be angry.listen to god and live forever.
    joe lavane

    we are becoming good friends here princess (: i guess we are waiting for the political system to turn on babylon

    it is so amazing to see the Bible phrophecies being played faith noah,after being given divine warning of things not yet beheld,showed godly fear and constructed an ark for the saving of his household. what must we do? listen
    A very complex question. Ideology, religion, human morality all factor into the equation. No simple answers. But of this you can be sure, we will hate one another tomorrow with the same ferocity as we do today.
    ole hipster

    Well put...TU (still paying back but you deserve it anyway with your great answer!)
    Hatred began when eve plucked the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.Adam and Eve fell in to evil.Cain out of jealousy murdered his brother Abel.People hate what they do not understand or not willing to understand In the course of time many people have been
    tricked in to hating anyone who is not like them an example from history the monster Hitler he brainwashed many people in Germany that the JEWS the disabled and the Gipsy's where to blame for the money woes of 1930's.
    He ordered the murders of 6 million JEW'S and 5 million people of Europe beside the JEW'S.The grand total of his hatred and madness was 11 million soul's
    GOD forgive them for they know not what they do!!Hard to due only GOD can help you to forgive.This is why JESUS he was born and HE is from king DAVID'S lineage.JESUS was born in Bethlehem and grow up in Nazareth.when in HIS 30's he began preaching teaching and healing and HE called the 12 APOSTLES started training them to take over when HE was gone.JESUS went Jerusalem for PASSOVER the feast of unleavened bread.JESUS then became the PASSOVER LAMB the man without sin perfect without blemish this is why he took our place and he died for all then 3 days later HE rose from the dead JESUS became our MESSIAH for JEWS and GENTILES JESUS loves you HE is waiting the choice is up to you

    Thank you for the thumb ups

    ppl think they can do bad things to others without consekwences but GOD is watching all the time ...i pray allways for good and beleve me ppl just want to hurt,they are bastards sometimes i cry all the time and day for day last time how bad they are .As u said GOD SCHULD COME AND CLEAN ALL THIS MESS AND LEAVE ONLY GOOD SO WE ALL CAN BE HAPPY WITHOUT ANGER TO EACH OTHER.
    joe lavane

    are you a J W ??? PRINCESS

    does it take one to know one?the bible is our letter from our father in heaven.all we have to do is listen to god and live forever.apply bible priciples for true happiness
    Yes the end is near! I think we all know this,you'd haft to be blind not to be able to see what coming,it at your very door step.
    You've got to cry out to Jesus to rescue us from this evil world.
    For some of us refusing to believe,will be left with no hope of salvation,so full of pride,made them blind,fail too see what God had prepare for us all,study His words,you got nothing in this world that worst loosing your soul over,God Bess You All.
    Differences can cause fear, fear of the unknown. It is easier to understand those that are the same as ourselves, harder to understand those that are different than ourselves.

    Agreed that we as a world would benefit greatly if we all got along and pooled our resources. Until we can find love in our hearts for everyone despite our differences, we will fear and hate others. In order for our world to continue we must change ourselves and help others to change. Those that do not wish to change will be left behind and will not reap the benefits of the new world.

    Some people feel that 2012 is all about change not total destruction of the world. Hopefully that is true, in any case, where would we go to get away from the destruction. Anybody got a spare rocket I could borrow for a few millenia?

    2012 is all about change... There are a lont of things that need changing but I fear we will throw the baby out with the bath water.
    Differences in speech, appearances, nationalities, and religion will always be a hindrance to our abilities to respectfully group together our collective knowledge. Most importantly, it is what we learn from those who have preceeded us here. That, truely, has an impact upon our thinking. It will separate us, always.

    Your sister,
    Were human that's why. We've learned nothing through the ages but how to kill more effectively. We are the "HAVES" they are the "HAVE NOTS". Resign yourself to the fact that man will never be at peace, and if you think differently, you must also believe in the Easter Bunny as well. With that being said protect yourself from the next invader.

    satan is at work. he is going back and forth like a roaring lion seeking who he can devour he knows his time is short

    When mankind becomes "HUMAN" then will things come together in Love and Peace. To be a man is not necessarily to be human, the words are not interchangable, only through ignorance. To be Human is to be divine, this happens when man finds Oneness with his Humaness. Humanity is the Spiritualized aspect of man-"kind" as a whole. It is the Above as mankind is the below. Though men call themselves human, most have yet to accomplish it. They are simply the man kind of animal possessing the possibility of humaness. The best discription of Human, as I have offered before, is embodied in the word Humane; to be Humane to be benovelent to lessor beings. This including men who have yet to connect with their Humanness. Human is somewhat like the mythical symbol of the Egyptian Horus, the Orb with Wings representing the Soul of Humanity as a whole. ummm . .. take it for what it is worth. :)
    god saved noah and seven u want to live forever in a paradise?plez read the bible daily.see for yourself what god has instore for obedient amazing that he allows us to get to know him.he is not far off from each one of us.pray to him and he will answer.we truly are his children and he loves us and wants what is best for us.we are just tiny specks of dust.make an effort search for him,he will let himself be found.but hurry,he does have an appointed time in which it may be too late,just as in noah's day,we wouldnt want to be outside looking in.take cover in the arms of the great shepphard.the sheep hear his voice.they know his voice and will follow him

    Sheep to the slaughter?
    joe lavane

    yes princess true right (:
    yes,everone has a choice. listen to is the obligation of man.he created us all and can destroy us all.lovingly he has given us the ability to choose what we want.but i beg ....listen to god and the bible daily apply what you read in your life and see the benefits.taste and see god is good
    joe lavane

    yes this system is coming to a doom look at the political goverment around the world , they cannot control anymore so where is this world heading ??
    Because we are greedy and when you don't get what you want you get angry and thus hate the guys who do not give including your own parents. What more if they are of different race/different/religions/speak difference languages/dialects/countries!

    From fear comes hate.The innocence of a childs mind, knows no fear,therefore has no hate.

    jesus died so we might live john 3:16...god resurrected jesus and made him king of gods kingdom dan 1:13,14...troubles on earth prove that gods kingdom will soon act.luke 21:10,11 2 timothy 3:1-5...that kingdom will remove all wickedness.2peter 3:13...gods kingdom will end all suffering revelations 21:3,4 god destroyed the wicked but saved noah and his family. genesis 7:11,12,23 again god will destroy the wicked and save the good.matthew 24:37-39...take your stand on gods side 1peter 5:6-9...make the right choice ....listen to god.matthew 7:24-25...come to me god says..listen and keep alive...isaiah 55:3...god is our loving father 1peter 5:6,7

    joe lavane

    we are in the last days princess,waiting for the political system to turn on religion soon
    princess you know your bible very well my dear , ^_^ im glad you are on this site , keep up the good work (:
    cuz we are self centered

    we have become the product of our environment

    cos it saves time when the shit hits the fan ( simples)

    thats,one way of putting it,mr, sprocket,i suspose,??

    when we listen to goes well with us..look at the many examples found in the Bible book of  hebrews of many faithful ones. especially the account of moses and the isrealites..they left egypt and were given divine protection by passing thru the red sea on dry land and when pharoahs army followed they were all drowned. swallowed up as the waters came crashing back.many other examples.GOD IS AWESOME

    GODS ORIGINAL PURPOSE for the earth was to make it a paradise for everyone to enjoy..well then that little rebellion started by the fallen angel in the God had to make an alternate route for his purpose to be fullfilled..hence jesus had to buy us back with his perfect life.he was bought back from the rules in heaven and the original purpose to make the earth a paradise will soon be fullfilled..would you like to enjoy an earthly paradise???john 17:3 says..this means everlasting life.their taking in knowledge of you the only true God and the one whom you sent forth,jesus christ.....GOD IS AWESOME

    Where's the "Make Love Not War" attitude. 

    Bring the hippies back!

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    It's a known issue. It's happened in other threads too, including one of my answers. I reported it to the developers the other day. I've not heard anything back about it yet.

    princess my sis , you havnt answer me yet  ^_^

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