Ants on the kitchen counter

    Is there any nonpoison way to get rid of the little buggers????? They come every spring and stay till September. They own the counter--or think so. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Found on the internet so I can not guarantee if it works or not as I've not tried it.


    Vinegar is a great product with a whole host of uses around the house. When looking to get rid of ants, spray counters down with white vinegar and let them dry. Ants hate vinegar and will not go near the stuff. Vinegar is completely non-toxic and so is not harmful for children or animals. Be sure to only use white vinegar as other vinegars could have the reverse affect and actually attract more ants. Ants also dislike apple cider vinegar, but it’s a good idea to keep the specialty vinegars in the cupboard; plain old white vinegar should do the trick.
    Baby Powder

    You and your baby may love it, but ants absolutely hate it! Look for spaces where ants are coming into the house and sprinkle the area with a little bit of baby powder. Any type of baby powder will work for keeping ants at bay. This can make a big mess if not done carefully, but like vinegar baby powder is completely non-toxic.

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    If you click the link, there's a few more suggestions.

    if you take borax and icing sugar it will take care of them. If they are tiny ants just add a bit of water. Borax is a cleaning agent almost like laundry detergent so it would be safe.Just put little drops of it in the areas that you see them coming in through.They will bring it back to the queen and feed her killing off the rest.



    Borax! I was trying to think of the name, lol Years ago my mother told me to use that. I did not have pets at the time so she advised me to pour it straight in a medium to thin line across any doorways into the house and around any drain pipes since they are attracted to the water sources in your house also. That did the trick for me as all ants vanished in a matter of days.

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