Is Climate Change a global catastrophe in waiting or a Global Hoax ?

    Is the science behind it legitimate or is it a social wealth distribution scheme ?

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    Digger, I don't think that its a total hoax, I do believe many people are making large amounts of cash while exaggerating the normality of many different climate phenomena taking place. Much of what is happening is just the normal events in the life of our planet. I think that people are making big profits on the 'green movement' and the 'doom and gloomers' will feed this until the next big guilt trip is born.. remember the food famine?? talk about a guilt trip.. The ozone depletion?? The water receding in our oceans, the moon is coming closer each year.. All of these are scare tactics..

    Remember, Algore changed the name from Global Warming to Climate Change because of all the cold winters.. Climate change fits all now! Isn't that nice??

    I am not saying that we should not be aware of our environment, of course we should try to protect it as we would protect our own homes but the high dollar generation should make even the most simplest of minds question it validity - There's truth in it but it is over exaggerated and it is simply another way for the rich to get richer using the follow the lemmings.. It is driven by celebrities, they are not doing it for nothing.. This climate change thing is about to wear out anyway, there will be a new money making scare soon to be delivered to your door..

    This is of course my personal opinion based on my own findings and research. I am not a paid scientist, I am only a self thinking human with the power of reasoning still active and operational.. Argue with me as you like but I have been through this for years and I don't think now with what facts I have, I doubt anyone would change me..

    Vinny, I agree with you. The doomsayers abound and in my opinion proliferate their following despite their shaky science and poor prognostications of future disasters.
    Here is just 1 such example:

    "Six years ago, the United Nations issued a dramatic warning that the world would have to cope with 50 million climate refugees by 2010. But now that those migration flows have failed to materialize, the UN has distanced itself from the forecasts. On the contrary, populations are growing in the regions that had been identified as environmental danger zones."

    There are scores of examples,too many to quote here.


    Agreed digger.. However, bring these facts up to a solid believer and they will call us redneck uneducated hillbillies. They insist on the fact that there's overwhelming data on their side, and I totally agree with them, there certainly is thousands of sited dedicated to this BS.. remember the recording a couple years ago with these so called 'Global Warming scientist that were bragging about and laughing about the lies being told BY THEM!.. That put a major dent in to this sham. But like I said, there are people out there that are riding this green movement for financial gain and this is all.. It's a huge money maker and many lemmings will lay out their cash based on their guilt that they are responsible for global warming.. What a marketing scheme. I wished I had thought of it.. The really cool thing is that AlGore's carbon credits give the rights to those that pollute the most to BUY THEIR WAY OUT OF THE GUILT.. This is so they feel good about themselves as they heat their pools, drive their SUV's and take long trips in their personal jets..
    Bestway....Are these 'disasters' or the natural cycling of the planet.. The word 'disaster' is exactly what I was speaking of above.. Of course things will get worse, and things will get better, 'change' can go both ways.. There is no doubt that this info is reported all over the www but then, so is all other doom an gloom data. we are made to feel guilty as humans for going through out intellectual evolution-- We are the cause of killing earth.. this to me is silly and instills a guilt trip in all that want to hear it. If 'mother earth' didn't like us, she would get rid of us like she did other extinct animals and plant life. We may not and probably will not see the end of earth, I think we will be gone long before the earth 'fizzles out'.. It had been a fact of science LONG BEFORE the global warming scare that the earth would one day be subject to the sun's flame out. We would go through stages that would last millions of years, starting with millions of years of supper-heating --the onslaught of this would be changes in climate, eventually, as heat rises, we too would flame out, the sun would be but a dwarf and its planets once burnt to a crisp would be a cold ash..

    You could expect this to take place in several million years, or even billions.. However, I don't think that the doom and gloom you find as data on the WWW has much credence other than scaring the hell out of people and making them fill the pockets of the capitalist pigs that started it.. And I believe in capitalism.. Maybe this is why i see through it..

    You are so right. Al Gore was honered by Celebrities
    He wrote a Book. He made Millions, If not Billions on this scam and was laughing all the way to the bank,while driving Luxory Cars owning Jets and a huge Mansion and now bought his own TV Station. This is disgusting.

    Al Gore has an office about 7 miles from where i live.. Right in the middle of the largest community of left wingers in the country.. About a mile from Stanford University.. I would put my next 5 paychecks that there's collaboration with Stanford scientist and his bank account.. Going Green is a business,not a responsibility. Another step of 'obedience through guilt' .. Sound familiar?? getting everyone to do as they are told for one common cause? Think about that. Propaganda? we have it here in this century in this America, we are being conditioned.. At one time in the future if allowed to continue, we will be owned.. Not unlike ...well..., You figure it out.
    perhaps its a scheme to raise support for a tax, capable of generating funds to pay for a N.W.O administration.maybe Al gore could throw some light on the reasoning

    Al Gore is too busy directing his lawyers and accountants to salvage as much of his 'green' fortune from his ex following his hotel 'rub down'.

    What a clown !
    HOAX The only way to get grant money is to save the world from some catastrophy.this one got way out of hand when liberals jumped on board to promote thier agenda .
    Hi Digger,

    There is no shortage of data
    Mega tonnages of ice is breaking up.
    Ice caps are receding transferring weight from stable thick land masses to unstable thin ocean floors.

    Just make a list of the disasters of the last ten years.
    Ask your self;
    Are these getting better or worse?
    Are sea levels rising or falling?

    Just put 'natural disasters' in your browser and see what comes up. Yes my friend we are living in the age of destruction. Not only is it getting worse but it has yet to reach its climax.


    Bestway, I don't know if such a disaster list has ever been compiled by any organization. I suspect that tracking past disasters isn't as easy as recent ones given that just about everything is made public nowadays thanks to the explosion of media coverage.
    But even if it was possible to list all disasters that ever occurred, I doubt that the findings would find a linear growth. For instance, how can we explain that the middle ages (9th to 14th centuries) experienced a warming cycle that was then followed by a mini ice age. We can't blame that on man-made CO2 emissions since cars weren't around then.

    As for rising sea levels,I haven't seen any credible evidence of that yet either. 90% of the world's glaciers is in the south pole where the temperature seldom rises above 37decCelcius.

    Yeah, I've gota go with Randy on this one. We have to wonder what their agenda is with all the b.s., and misleading information.

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