Big Oil is business like all others.

    Why is big oil always the first to be blamed for every thing? Look at what you do all day long. You deal with big pharma, corporate farms, big business, greedy people, and big government. In my sight, everybody hopps on a bandwaggon. It is popular to hate a group that you don't know anything about. Sounds like bigotry doesn't it??

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    Well the oil companies are slightly evil aren't they. totally neglectful of the environment in Africa, leaving old oil rigs burning and causing massive pollution around these native tribes that live there; breathing gas all day.. the big food companies are just as cruel or worse, and big pharma is also bad.. ever wondered why they separate the Pharmacy from the Doctor? A doctor is not a pharmacist, and a pharmacist is not a doctor.. this means that no one really has the responsibility to tell you that drugs are bad for you, and there is almost always a natural cure. :] Doctors prescribe, and almost never question the integrity of a drug or vaccine. Because it's not up to them! :]

    Suppression of energy technologies, oil companies subsidies, record profits for oil companies, Corexit ingredients, oilwell blowout technologies, monopoly/cartels, contributions, lobbyists, payoffs, bribes, kickbacks, murders, extortion and blackmail sounds like bigotry all right.


    The same can be said for big government!

    The world is not ready to go to total clean fuels while ever there is money in black gold,,when the oil does go there will be a lot less jobs,and i reckon the finances of the world will alter..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I have worked in the offshore ship to ship lightering of oil for 20 years and never been layed off or have ever had to draw unemploymet, so bring on the oil we cant live without it ?

    767, sounds as if you may be an aviation person like I am. I lost my aviation career because of the Sept 11 terrorists attacks. The Boeing 767 lives on because of the recent airborne tanker contract award and Boeing's decision to keep the pax version of the 767 alive which was to be dropped due to the 787. Off-track here-
    Like your answer. Big Business in any field persue profits and some border unethical means.
    Big Oil is a major culprit because they consistantly report record earnings while justifying high fuel prices. Big Oil also has a major influence on the economy and the way of life for the average person. Personally, if all the major energy companies reporting record earnings while consumer prices for a gallon of gas are equal or near equal to the consumer this to me suggest price fixing. If each of these companies are reporting billions in profits then why not one of these companies reduce end-user price (for a gallon of gas) at a lower level which can be "afforded" by any of the Big Oil companies?
    A model of this idea is 'Virgin' which is owned by Sir Richard Branson. His broad spectrum of Virgin companies earn him millions and researching into cellular phone service and pre-paid internet, Virgin is by far the lowest price for service which suggest to me that Richard Branson and Virgin are not the greedy type like the vast majority of big business so I believe Big Oil can do the same.

    ....follow the $$$$/greed

    One of my "beefs" is with the entertainment business. Billions in profits and no one thinks a thing about high paid, worthless actors.

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