How good are those special shoes that are supposed to give you a workout while you wear them?

    You know the ones that are tapered off at the front at back for a rocking motion?

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    "sketchers" they are called. about as good as my home gym, there both next to each other in the closet
    If you take them out on a daily run for an hour or an hour and a half, they are excellent.

    You mean they enhance your running?

    No, I mean running is a good workout. With or without those supershoes.

    I sort of wondered it that is what you were getting at! The running was the thing that you benefit from! I think at this point if I were to run for an hour and a half it would be the "run of death"! I haven't ran in so long I'd be lucky to run for five minutes!! lol

    Ok, in that case maybe starting off with 30 mins and a little warm-up before that will do.

    Oh, and you could try power-walking.

    Ya...I really need to get out there! Many people have told me that! My biggest problem (after my procrastination problem) is that I'm afraid of dogs, so it seems to take the joy out of walking! Aarrgg! I know it would be great for me physically (in so many ways) and emotionally/mentally!

    What about going to a fitness studio? Or swimming?

    I am doing physio exercises and plan to get back at my yoga! I love doing yoga and do notice a big difference when doing it regularly!

    is running your favorite form of exercise? I use to love it...loved the exhiliration of a sprint and the second wind of a distance run!

    Well, I don't do lots of running. That is something I want to change, because I have very nice green areas closeby. I already bought the right shoes for it, but...

    I love to do long walks, though. I go everywhere I can walking, and sometimes go hiking in the mountains. I also like jazz dance, belly dance, aerobics and that sort of stuff.
    these shoes are being subtly promoted as an adjunct to your workout, and they certainly may help a non body conscious person to improve the posture. but if you go and shell out $80 for shoes you will move around in them as much as possible. this is called incentive and very hard to prove otherwise. Someone who works out regularly will be pleased with their results and not feel the need to crank it up via$$$$. as for balance+posture, very high chances are you can find a yoga workout on your cable tivo direct tv etc to do a few times a week that are amazing. By the way, yoga and similar practices are done BAREFOOT! Keep up your research+common sense.

    I love yoga! I do plan to get back at a regular practice of fact I hace started, but need to start small as I haven't done it for a while! Thanks for the advise!

    I have Crps. And have a hard time wearing shoes on my feet. So my cousin gave me a pair. And they are wonderful if you can get use to them. I think its nice that they roll so instead of walking flat footed as some will do, you have no choice but to roll onto your toes. As far as losing more weight the only thing there would be if your working out more often due to the fact  your enjoying your new shoes. Otherwise no.....


    They made my toes cramp.

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