marijuana... ..HELP FOR RESEARCH PAPER

    I am doing a research paper. I am wanting to do a poll for who is for and who is against the pot. What are your reasons. I am only doing this for today March 01 2011. I just need good information for my paper. Do you think they should legalize it all over just in certain states. What do you find that is so bad about pot. They are not any right or wrong answers. Just i want to know your opinions and how you feel about it. Thank you for helping me out. Means a lot.

    I am 25 years old i have never done marijuana but i can say i am for letting people smoke it when they want. if they don't then they should band cigarettes, and alcohol then.

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    I have heard that Marijuana is helpful to people who have pain from cancer, glaucoma and many other illnesses. these people definitely need to be able to get marijuana. I have a license for getting it and have tried it but as I have said before it makes me Paranoid and causes me to feel pain more acutely. Marijuana is safer than alcohol. I live in california where you can get a license if you have health problems. itsmee

    I am with matheneyg I would rather pot be legal and alcohol be band... I never so a pot head beat their kids when because they were high... but drunks on the other hand..... If one is illegal both should be... if one is legal both should be.

    Personally I think pot is no more dangerous than Alcahol and penalties should be same a DWI and etc. I don't use pot but its been around forever and I think booze causes more harm to the body than pot does

    I hate the fact that im paying tax dollars to keep people in jail for using it law enforcement trying to stamp it out and boarder agents trying to keep it out. If it was legal the users would pay for this. i would prob. use it so would still pay but atleast I WOULD GET STONED AND NOT JUST SCREWED

    I think that the legalization of pot has nothing to do with your personal opinion on pot, seeing as how there are no deaths recorded from it, and there are endless recorded deaths from cigarettes. It's about freedom.. should people have the freedom to make their own choice, especially concerning a physically non-harmful substance?.. of course and absolutely. That doesn't mean that I condone marijuana drug use, it is harmful on the mind, and 80% of people who use it nowadays suffer from psychosis and depression.

    This is just my opinion, and I am not trying to offend anyone here. I am against pot, even though I have never tried. I never will, I swear. It damages our body permanently, sends off a bad vibe, and is just an extra waste of time and money. I don't think it should be legal at all, but that will never happen. I wish people didn't discover how to smoke, since it's addictive and unhealthy. Pot makes a lot of young and old people do things they should not and normally would not do, even if it has a nice feeling. Lucretia, please don't smoke pot anytime soon, for your sake. This is just my opinion, and for those who know pot is helpful and/or support pot, I am not trying to offend you. Interesting subject and poll, I would never have thought of that.

    Boy I miss the days when I would get high a feeling I will never enjoy again, then I was young, indestructible and knew everything. Ever have sex when you got high? You will never ever have it any better your whole life. Now I'm past my prime and I wish I could get high just wish all the bad that surrounds it would go away and let it be as we allow alcohol, which is or has been most damaging to our culture than marijuana, but that would only happen if the government can profit from it big time like a dealer.

    I know that your request for answers was only for one day, but I wanted to put in a note. If you had to pick someone to drive and a loved one of yours would be riding 'shotgun', would you rather that person driving be 'stoned' or 'drunk'? For myself, I'd much rather ride with someone who had smoked rather than someone who was 'over the legal limit'. How about you?

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