are demons real?

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    I personally think they are real and they are in all of us, do you ever swear lie cheat steal or have an addiction,well to me thats the demons at work.but having said dont have to follow their ways,show them whos boss and try and live decent.We can be stronger than them.This advice is not a fact just my own thoughts.
    I believe their real and only God can drive them out. Your believe in Him or the believes of others.
    Nope, no such thing as demons.
    Yes, Maxwell's Demon is real, alive and working here in California.
    Science Dictionary
    Maxwell's demon (m?ks'w?lz', -w?lz) Pronunciation Key
    An imaginary creature who is able to sort fast-moving molecules from slow-moving molecules without adding any energy to the system. Such a creature could separate a gas into two containers, one containing hot gas and the other cold gas, bringing about a general decrease in entropy and violating the second law of thermodynamics ; however, such a creature is impossible, since the act of observing the molecules to detect their speed must add energy to the system.
    The demon lives as the Hilsch Valve.
    Build a Vortex Tube |
    "A vortex tube, in its simplest explanation, is a tube that separates compressed gas into a hot air stream and a cold air stream. ... Vortex Tube Plans...
    Yes, I keep mine locked up in the closet. I take 'em out once in awhile just to torment them, they're cute! Funny too! You should get some..
    Maybe or maybe not!!!

    If you ever dare to use a ouiji board, which I wouldn't ever suggest, you would know they are real, if they are real, then it logical to assume that God is real.

    Just answering the maybe, part not trying to pick on you. I like you Pam, you have a lot of great answers and are very helpful.

    @leeroy - I have no problem with your comment. I don't know if demons are real or not. Never met one personally, if I did, the demon was disguised very well.


    Speaking of mental illness, I was working at a hospital psyc. ward and there was this one guy there who was completely consumed with hatred. You could see it in his eyes and on his face, even in his body language. The nurses said that he had the strength of 10 men when he got out of control.

    He was just pure hatred, he tried to intimidate me even while the drugs in his system were working to calm him. I had to take an fighting stance to get him to back down from me. But to me as a Christian it just seems like that kind of hatred and aggression could only come from a purely evil source, as well as the superhuman strength.

    I know the conclusion I came to of demon possession is because of my spiritual background and my opinion is Christian biased, but it's just the way I see it, a psychologist I'm sure would have a completely different opinion than mine, I would suspect.

    Do you suppose the person who is able to lift a car off a pinned man/woman after an accident is suddenly demonically possessed to give him that strength? There are many stories about super human strength. It's called an influx or overload of adrenaline caused by great fear or can even be caused by great anger. Nothing demonically possessed about it. I suppose, when you believe in the devil and demons, you can see demons everywhere. people have been butchered because of the belief in demons. People who might have has a mental disorder and when the demon couldn't be cast out, the person was killed. (Historical)

    That thought actually came to mind when I was writing the other comment, I know it's explainable scientifically, but If you looked into this persons eyes, I'm pretty sure most people would come up with a similar conclusion.

    The hatred was so prevalent, it was overwhelming, very strange, it's difficult to explain.

    Some people are so out of touch with their emotions, they revert to survival by instinct. Sometimes I see these people as young souls, newly into being a human. One would have to believe in reincarnation to understand that. Animals are not emotionally based creatures. So a Soul that knew only instinct in it's lifetimes would have a hard time adjusting to emotion. It is foreign and strange and quite possibly scary if not understood. How can they control their emotions if they do not understand emotion? Fear and anger are the easiest of emotions to follow. Hate can be confused with mistrust.
    I have met a few people who I just had this strange feeling inside me, and I knew they were possessed. I believe that they are very real.

    I've dealt with inmates in prison who many have said,"It was like it wasn't even me committing such a horrible crime. It was like something took over my body and I had no control, all I could do was watch."

    So yes many people believe in them and I am one of them, through experience.


    Easier to blame a demon when you can't accept responsibility for controlling yourself, 'eh? I know mental issues can cause lack of control and some of the meds they are put on can cause even more disturbances in the brain but again, it's just as easy to cry demon than to try and understand or correct the issue.
    In your head!
    I wanted to expound on something, personally, I don't care whether a person believes or not.

    Easy for folks to dismiss something they cannot see. So, very easy! But, you should know how they enter a soul. How these things have the capability of changing the state of a person's mind, because you WILL know them by their works.

    They enter through whatever a person accepts. A person may entertain an idea; it enters. They can see a matter, it enters through the eye. Hearing the thing, if the sound of it swells the heart, it enters.

    Had you known someone who loved a man or woman for long, and something enters to offer him or her reason to doubt the faithfulness of their relationship? Whatever enters, to cause the doubt, is just the beginning. These things once entered, feeds the mind a whole lot of images. Thoughts comes to him who feels because it is already inside of him or her. They begin to imagine things that appear as true as if they had seen with their own two eyes and witnessed by the being there. It is them! It is what a person begins to accept. This thing will sit inside of a dark spot within the soul of that person. I will tell you no lie. this thing is very real.

    Watch the one who doubts? Ask him what was it that made him believe! If he becomes someone he had not been, talks about dreams that he has had, it is them! they are there to give guidance and to offer the heart the reason for feeling the way that it does. Some have killed because of those "intuitions". But, it's them.

    I wont go into it further because of your unbelief. But, you hang in there! Perhaps, one day, you will!

    Oh and about this fellow I mentioned, yeah. He was real. What happened to him was he dilly dallied in the occult. It grew inside of him; and he had difficulty getting out of it, even when he was out of it. Those were some of the scariest dreams I have ever read. See, he accepted the want to know. "Influence" is the key to know where it begins.

    Jesus dealt with them, and I cannot help but believe Him.

    All it takes is a slight need to know. It's like a planted seed. I kid you not!!!!!

    Your sister,

    It's not demon ffs. Try Souls who are not ready yet to go to the other side, who are looking for weaker Souls (typically those who "dilly dally" in the occult with no spiritual protection) still in a physical body to use as a host so they can get back to living in the physical. There doesn't have to be a major struggle. Tell them to go to the light. There's no such thing as demons from the devil or demons from hell. They are just lost, angry, confused Souls who need help and guidance. By believing they are things of the devil, people give them power they do not have.

    That's pretty funny Colleen. mentioning the name of Jesus usually does something to a spirit. What is even more interesting is that you mention the angry and confused souls. Guess you've never seen a woman steadfast in going to church, member of the choir, respect woman in the community and all of the sudden, without provocatio, just ups and kills all her kids. Doesn't even know why she did it. Also, these things do not have bodies, Colleen. They are like parasites. They lie in wait! Subtle. Very subtle. Now, I don't know you at all, but I'm willing to say you are not Christian. Am I correct?

    Did I say they had bodies? Are you speaking of a physical body or an astral body? The astral body resides within the physical body and Soul resides within the astral body.

    I'd say the woman had underlying psychological issues that no one detected. There are thousands of cases where mental issues have gone undetected until something happens to point it out. There are many real life things that can cause a seemingly sane person to snap like that.

    They lie and wait? No, they go around looking for a host body to enter into. Any body that has a weak Soul inhabiting it and has no spiritual protection.

    No, I'm not Christian. I've met too many Christians who have been made nutty by that faith. Your belief of evil spirits I can almost bet comes from the Christian belief that there's a red man with horns sending demons out to "get people".

    Religious sci-fi.

    Hahahaaaa! Interestig that I was right! God is good!

    Interesting that you were right? It's not like it was a big huge secret. Everyone here knows I'm not a Christian. Is that your huge win tactic? I'm not a Christian so I can't possibly know what I'm talking about? Umm OK, you go back to your corner and keep your light on and check your closet for the boogie man and the red man with the pitch fork and I'll go back in my corner and giggle at you silly people. Yes, God IS good. He gives me people like you to remind me how sane I am. :)

    Truth be known, Colleen,I do not know you at all. I am fairly new here. Such a short time to realize that and well. I just thought it was funny.

    Let me just say, as an interpreter (of sorts)there is a phenomena called hypnogogic imagery (hip-no-gog-ik) in the which people open their eyes while in the state of dreaming, but while dreaming, the open eyes see the vision of things unfolding right in front of them. I have heard dreamer's describe seeing people leaning over them. They could describe the color of the hair,to the type of clothes they were wearing. Yes, Colleen, spirits are real. And yes,these people are very sane.

    PS: I don't hang out in corners. I hang out at a global call center supervising anywhere from 20 to 70 agents a day online and face-to-face.

    Your sister,

    There was a fellow who would write me for what was about a month. I was watching his dreams to see if I could help him see how the thing entered into his life. It had been there for a while. We determined that it was through a "curiosity" he had, but made attempts to get out of. Again, we documented about a month's worth of material. When he tried to walk away, the thing became violent. He would wake up bruised and scratched, marked up! But, the dreams shown the thing absolutely manifesting itself in his life; and it was the same dream. Only something small was different. Something would change, one step at a time, you could see the thing come out.

    One of those days, the dream indicated how trapped he was as he was strapped to a table in a basement. It had gotten to the point that there was nothing I could do; we knew what was there and how it came to be. He needed help beyond me, and at that point, I told him so, and referred him to seek professionals in that area. We stopped communicating.

    Demons are real! There is definitely a war in that "place"; It is a high place. We are not all "clothed" with spiritual armour.

    Your sister,


    Do you write sci-fi movies too?

    No! But, given the chance, I have a few ideas I can toss around. - Adreamer2
    yes.... I see them in my glass when sitting at the bar.
    I am here to affirm that demons are real. I am not here to simply quote scriptures but to testify that the Bible is real about demons which means hell is also real. So if hell is real then heaven is also real. This means we have a choice to make. I hope you would take the time to read this short story / testimony, YOUR CHOICE YOUR DESTINY and you’ll see what I am saying.


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