How does a battery desulphator work

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    Batteries discharged too deeply or for to much time and older batteries create sulphide crystals. These slulphate crystals impede the flow of electricity from the battery plates, some crystals may even float on the surface. Sulphated battery plates is the primary cause of poor battery performance.

    A battery desulphator with advanced electronics will remove the sulphate crystals. A good desulphating unit uses sharp pulses of current at 800 KHz to set up a resonance which "jars, crushes, grinds or dissolve" sulphide crystals through internal resonance, both mechanical and electrical, wearing down the sulphide crystals so they can be recombined into the sulphuric acid of the battery electrolyte. This action appears to occur at an ionic level whereby the resonance from the desulphator may act somewhat like an ultrasonic cleaner used to clean jewelry.

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