If God rested on the seventh day, does that mean He gets tired?

    According to the Book of Genesis, on the seventh day, God rested. Does that mean God gets tired?

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    If you had done all that work you would have taken a day off too, LOL!
    Nope, the spiritual earth was restored, and there wasn't anything left to do.

    So if there was nothing left to do, why did he need to rest for one day? What was he planning to do afterwards if there was nothing left to do? Also, if everything was already perfect, and nothing was left to do, as you claim, then anything he did would then do, or make, would change a perfect world into an imperfect world. So does that mean everything God now does causes imperfect things to be created in what was a perfect world?

    He didn't rest for one day. There wasn't anything left to do in eternity. God didn't/doesn't make an imperfect world. All good things come from God, it is the fallen free will from Lucifer and man that made it imperfect. The creation/decreation/restoration is now in motion for eternity. Nothing else is needed.

    Bluedeath, "If there was nothing left to do why did he need the rest?" The Old Testament was primarily written in Hebrew and this word means desist from exertion. Or simply stop His work of creation. The original word does not imply that God took a nap. If I understood you correctly you said if everything was perfect anything God did would change the perfect into an imperfect world. I do not follow your logic. A perfect cake can be accompanied with a perfect bowl of ice-cream. The ice-cream does not take away from the greatness of the cake. Although I believe everything was perfect the Bible only says it was good.

    Well a cake might be prefect until you cut it and ice cream might be perfect until it melts, so I think I just made your logic imperfect? Could God's perfection in creation not be imperfect too?

    This is fun when you go off target from the actual question :)

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