If you had a choice, would you save your sons life or be stung by a Black widow spider?

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    Did you mean to ask ... Would you allow a Black widow spider to bite you if it would save your son's life???

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    Wow, this question is way out there! How do you people come up with some of these things? :)

    It's a humorous question so i will answer it that way.

    It depends on my mood, sometimes I feel like I wanna kill him myself-- Other times -- well, I think I wanna kill him myself.. :)

    (in jest)



    When my son was an infant we parked our car in the garage where we did not realize there were africanize bees. I put my son in the car after they started sworming and would not open the door back up because there were so many... I got stung 39 times.


    OMG you poor woman. That must have been horrible. TU for today's #1 Mom.


    wow, what a great mum :D

    Yep I would have to say my son's.

    I can't see any parent not willing to chose their child's life over theirs...I think even most strangers would do the same thing.

    I think any good normal responsible parent would do anything to save their baby from getting hurt. I know I would do anything and face anybody if they threaten my family!!!

    That is one of the dumbest questions I've seen here. What is the down side of saving your kid's life? What is the downside of being stung by a spider? Does anybody really have to answer either question?

    dont think black widow spider can kill you


    they are all over the area where i live. i'm afraid of them but they bite doesn't kill you - at least not usually.

    I would save my sons life because he means much more to me then i care about my self, I love my son he is the whole world to me!

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