Why when I updated my Firefox did loose the bars on top and my computer is running very slow?

    Why when I updated my Firefox did I loose the top bars and my computer is running very slow?

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    Many people are having problems with Firefox 4. Try Google Chrome, or downgrade Firefox.
    I am not a computer expert, but how old is your computer and how much memory does it have? Maybe it needs deleting and defragging and clean up of programs you no longer use? If you have a windows based system you have an option to choose to clean up and also to defrag that helps clean up a lot of useless things on your computer that you no longer use. I myself have an apple and do not have that on mine. But I did have an older Dell found it to be more costly to add more memory up to the point I could only add so a couple of years ago I decided to buy a new computer while I could i love my apple Imacbookpro better but anyway I would suggest if you have windows based program computer try the clean up and the defrag it helps ......

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