What is the real intentions for NATO and USA coalition invations in Middle East?

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    Well, that’s what news media and coalition says, but there something else there, because I really doubt that these leaders cares too much about civilians, they are probably after oil because Lybia is main oil supplier for the western nations, I think they just trying to control Qaddafi and make him their puppet and when he started asking more they just decided to get rid of him.
    Look at the big picture if coalition forces really cared about civilians, why they stood aside and watched when Russia murdered hundreds of Georgians? Or why are they not doing anything about thousands of civilians starving and dying in North Korea? And there more examples like that countless around the world.


    You got a good point Veteran01


    Ok then why are we helping in Lybia then? there is enough free countries in middle east who can help them out!!!


    And Georgia and North Korea was just couple examples there a lot more.................


    Andrew, Do YOU really think the people of North Korea would get the food? really? You must not understand North Korea, THEIR MILITARY would reap the benefit, the military comes before the peasant.As far as Georgia there where enough free independent countries to assist there also against Russia, it's time for countries that are able to stand up and defend their own kind in their own part of the world, but be careful wounds run deep and some run all the way back to WWI


    I agree Andrew. Throughout the world civilians R dying. I think this is just a retaliation 4 the Lockerbie incident, the U.S. has wanted to do something against Qaddafi 4 a long time, this was just an excuse.

    I think the main objective is to get rid of Gadaffi, and that his own people will be able to do that once his own military are distroyed or encouraged turn on him themselves.

    are the u.n . completely sure just who we are backing against gadaffi.If you remember we gave finance and military support to Al Queda to get the russians out of Affganistan. we have spent the next 30 years trying to get rid of them. The removal of Sadam Hussain has not exactly brought peace and prosperity to Iraq. The truth is that the wests foreign policy in the middle east over the past decades has been an absolute disaster. And we are about to make the same mistakes all over again


    Thats what I'm trying to say here, thumbs up for your comment!!!

    I don't think any western power should be involved, there are enough Arab countries that could get involved Syria, Jordan, Saudis, Turkey. but I believe that what has happened in Egypt and now Libya and Yemen is being orchestrated by IRAN in an effort to control ALL the oil in the middle east for the $$$$ and power over the west.


    So do you think all unrest and chaos is orchestrated by IRAN?


    So basicly what you saying is that NATO and US is playing for Irans gain? because if Qadaffi looses the control IRAN will step in and take control of the oil industry in Lybia.


    The vast majority. What does Iran really have? that's why they fought so hard to beat down the protest in their own country, they want control of the whole oil producing region and no type of democracy in any form

    The short answer: OIL, OIL, and more OIL.

    But who are the civilians who are dying? Secretary of State Clinton stated those civilians were the same civilians who were considered terrorists, just one month ago. Then a week later, several members of the House and Senate started saying we needed to create a no-fly-zone. Two weeks later, the Arab nations agree and the next thing I know we are bombing Libya. So I once again ask, who are the people that we are saving? If there were armed militia in Arizona attempting to overthrow the USA, would we also set up a no fly zone, or would we send in the Army and Air Force and Marines to close them down. If and when we find out who are real friends are in that region, then I will be more comfortable spending two billion dollars a month helping them.


    So called peacfull civilians that we are helping are mostly people who are fired by muslim brotherhood and Al-Qaida, no leader in world going trust us anymore because just yestirday we were supporting Qadaffi and he was our friend and now we are trying to kill him


    US is not going to win on this war, its just going to get worse, Al-Qaida and Iran going to install somebody after Qadaffi a in Lybia and they going to control all oil supply that we buy and they will hurt our economy really bad then already is, and our stupid goverment not doing anything to prevent it. Qadaffi is not good person but at least he is not terorist who is trying to kill us, he is just tiran who is trying to stay in power and his country in line, we would be better off with Qadaffi being in control in Lybia!!!


    Clinton called the people we are trying to save, Al-Qaida. I'd have to agree that there is not a clear understanding of what is going on in Libya and what should be happening. In this case, maybe it would be best to stay clear and let whatever God you or they like, take care of it all.

    How'd you know about us?

    Signed, Guy in Arizona.

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