When You Encounter A Sad Moment, What Would You Do?

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    Usually I need to talk to someone to get it in perspective. So I usually talk to someone I trust and like 6dogs4us I let myself cry. I can't hold things's works like a release valve!

    Oh dear my spelling and grammar wasn't so great on that one!! :(
    I have to be alone in a quiet place without any distractions and figure out what I can do to make this bad thing go away.
    I love to be around water. I would go to the beach.

    There is something so therapeutic about water! I used to live in Saskatoon and the river runs through the city, so when I was feeling down I would drive down and just watch the water slip away. Helped me to remember that those sad times, like the river, also slip away in time!

    @monkey11 - That's so true, water is very therapeutic. That's why I love being around water, mainly for the serene calmness.
    I have to agree with Volcane, music effects a certain part of our brain, that will easily cheer you up if you're listening to happy upbeat songs.

    I get alone and pray, sometimes even vocalize my prayer to God. I also used to go to a beautiful park and just read my Bible and watch the beautiful scenery at the lake.

    Hope you feel better soon, depression it a very, very, difficult thing to fight, without medication. I may get back on lexipro soon, it helped a lot last time I used it.
    Reflect on it and sometimes I cry. Makes me feel better and then I can move on.
    It is good that most of us feel sadness when we see others going through a deep loss. We are not all bad. It breaks my heart when I see a parent cry over a child gone wrong. A death of a best friend/Husband/wife. It is good to cry with them. I can be hard when I need to be but also a big softy when I see hurting people
    Remind myself that things could always get worse, and that moaning and groaning and whining and complaining and moping don't solve anything.
    So pretty much, I bounce back pretty easily. (:
    If I find something sad I try to find the beauty of it.. If it is a loved one passed... They are at peace, If it is memories... the lessons I learned.
    Listen to music, something invigorating.
    I hope you feel ok now dear iampamela313

    @Volcane - Thank you for asking, But, I'm doing fine and I feel great.

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