how to stop backache?

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    Lie on your back and slowly bring your legs up to your chest and hold with your arms. If this is to strenuous do this same position while on your side. Hold for as long as comfortable and slowly release. Sometimes a good neck or leg massage will help also, as tention builds in the back - be it from physical or mental fatigue.
    When you find out please post it so all us seniors will know LOL

    Pain killers help , but cycling and swimming helps if it's backache. Although if you have an injury you need to see a doctor first to fing out what treatments are available.

    You need to consult this to your doctor. The backache which lasts lengthier then a few days is never good news. You may will broken something which will need treatment.

    If it's your lower back, have someone who you trust, step on your lower back.Works for me  :-)


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