how can i stop cats climbing onto my aviary

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    You can't. The cat's natural instinct is to hunt. That instinct is going to be stronger than your attempts to stop him from trying to hunt and kill the birds. Animals are not human. You can't expect a cat to understand that you did not bring home play toys for him. I own 15 birds. I would never have a cat because of that. You can not train instinct out of an animal. Especially a cat.
    I dont get it are thease cats yours or are they neibours cats if these cats are yours this is a different matter still you could put the cat proofing net up around the aviary appleby interiors
    I have cats they are only allowed in the garden we have a cat proof fence this does not allow cats other cats in and keeps ours in it works like a 45degree angle which overlaps your fence you can find it on the web appleby interiors
    I could say buy some bald eagles, but I'll be kinder. Try spraying ammonia on the outside of the cage. Cats do not like the smell.
    Get bigger birds. LOL

    I understand Bald Eagles occasionally eat cats. Get a few of them and sooner or later, the cats wont be bothering the birds any more.
    time to buy a dog lolol
    set the hose sprinkler on top of the Avery and turn it on while they are there or put it on a timer but they will quickly learn the routine.
    moth balls work very good just put them around the area that you do not want bugs, cats, dogs, snakes, and other critters and that should work

    Mothballs would possibly kill the birds. People shouldn't even inhale mothball fumes.

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