How do you tell a coworker she does not know what she is doing in a nice way

    My coworker and I have started to exercise, I earned my certification has a personal trainer back in 2002 then I dropped out of the exercise world for about 8 years. I am back to exercising and getting healthy but my coworker ( who snacks way to much) wants to lose only belly fat and I am trying to guide her the way but she does not listen. She says I ate this and it was only 100 calories then I ate this and so forth and so on. I know what I am doing I have lost weight and gained muscle in the past yet she does not listen to me I just give up I really do not care if she loses belly fat or not because if she does she will only gain it back. She never sticks to one thing she is all over the place. She now goes to the gym with me which I cannot stand I feel like we are competing which I do not want to do. I work with her she is my boss and I do not want to tell her she doesnt know what she is doing.

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    She's your boss? Simple,really. Suck it up or get another job.

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