Why Dont You Answer My Questions?


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    What question was that you wanted answered? If I can help I'll give my best shot.

    I don't know what questions you've asked apart from this one.

    Go for it you asked i told. Take it or leave it your choice.

    Hi I've just looked at your profile at the two other questions you have asked. Now here's the thing it's all in the way you entitle you question Your first question looks to a viewer like another unwanted money making idea. No one on here wants that. Your second question looks to the viewer as being a bit confused Perhaps you should ask the same question but in a different way. Take a look at questions that have been asked. Look at other users profiles. Look at mine if you like. Just click on the blue words by my logo. No disrespect intended. By the way if you like my answer then see that little thumb sticking up on the left. Just click on that. Want any other advice just ask a question and say something like Hey Rushie54 can you help. Write what you want to know then when I'm on I will click on it and try to answer. Is that ok?
    Sorry just to add to that if you ever want to see other questions a certain member has asked just click on their login name . There are many others on this site who will give you a sensible answer but I suggest you put that in your questions.

    Logan Elizabeth

    Well I did have this long explination for everything.... Then I Clicked the wrong button and POOF Im in a blank box again...
    So lets try this again.

    Logan Elizabeth

    Rushie...Please see Below Posting... **XoXoxO**

    Alright....A Discussion Board.
    I Can Totally handle this one...(ps-Do they have spell check on this thing?)
    First off 'UnWanted Money Making Idea' in my opinion is deffinetly the wrong choice of words...
    If They dont want that, then its on to the next question or another profile for that matter.
    I am the idea, If I wasnt curious as with so little tools (besides me) of how to correctly expose of these 'blessings' Wihout someone stealing them, saying its theirs, and selling on ebay for all i know Then I woulnt dedicate most of my time to perfecting this…uh..issue. Thats just what I do. Not the stealthy Ebay trick, but The Orginial Art.
    At that though - Im still pretty young, and I do believe I have many Boss Qualities about me that Will become my sturdy foundation one of these days.
    Who wouldn’t want that?
    Also..... The Dream one.... It is Confusing!!! Have you seen any Quentin Terrantino Movies? Pulp Fiction perhaps? Its a jumbled yet ever-so-placed mixture with jus a dash of shock that ends up laying the entire hand down and making complete scence! AMAZING!
    So.... I am pretty knew at this Ask A Question Posting/Discussing Thingy.. So it can only get better as more people seem to migrate this way right here...
    Now. with all honesty, im meaning no disrespect by any means, please dont take the things I have to say in the wrong context. And believe me when i tell you i have good always up for constructive critisism and assistance! I do admit i become a little impatiant and im slightly ignorant, but hey, we learn, right?
    I do appreciate the response, and will take your advise on peeping out others profiles, I like to take in every bit of information i can get and apply it to the ideas that will head me in the right direction!
    Again, No hurt feelings! Xo Hope this actually puts me apart from others. Xo Enjoy.


    Go for it. You asked I gave my opinion. You don't like the answer. Fine. Just keep asking your questions your way and good luck. Oh and they probably do have spell check but both my arms were blown off so I have to use voice. and cant be bothered to correct that. so if that's ok with you I won't answer any more of your questions and try to help you. I gave you sound advice you might notice I'm currently sitting with 1.2k compared with your 16. I had to learn the way too. No offence

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