Why great nation like USA cant come up with better candidate for President?

    Is there nobody left that could fix this Country? Or do we need another revolution and fresh start? and do you think revolutin going to solve it?

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    Zig Zag

    goverment is no diffrent then the mob organize crime

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    Unfortunately, The United States has saturating itself with a bunch of uneducated illigal aliens. If you think things are bad now, wait and see what this country will be like in twenty years. Liberals and being politically correct has destroyed the core of this great land.



    If you elect me President.I am such a tight wad.Nobody would get any money except Americans.

    Until the US shakes the stupidity of the current two party system you will always have an electorate that, like in a football game, cheers (votes) for a "team" instead of character. The media in this country exacerbates this idiocy (both left and right) to the nth degree which further splits the electorate into left vs right. In a nation that values "winning" (sound like Charlie Sheen?) more than character and integrity is it really a surprise that the leaders are better qualified to sell cars than lead a nation? My sincere apologies to all car salespeople.

    Voters aren't picking the candidate the parties are.

    Ron Paul.. but when a president tries to abolish the Federal Reserve, they're assassinated.. the last one to try was JFK. There's no way a man like Ron Paul would ever make it there, because he's already declared that he would do that.

    We have some great candidates, just getting some of the uneducated welfare people to vote for someone thats not going to spread the wealth.


    papa peg. Where did that stat come from?

    papa peg

    Randy don't you know most of America is on welfare.

    Headless Man

    It may not be most but it will be soon if we keep going the way we have.

    My very same thinking. Kelozin said it perfectly. There has to be somebody thats not old, intelligent, capable of not caving in to special interests, friends that dont bomb america and trash talk it, and most of allllll , american born. McCain just doesnt have too much it seems. That was a weak choice.

    I don't like him either, but he is at least better than the previous one.

    Headless Man

    In What way, please explain.
    Look around the world. Where do you see a leader that is such a great role model? The world is extremely complex and the problems or situations that the president has to deal with look almost insurmountable. It easy to sit at home in our armchairs and make judgements about things we can't even begin to understand. Judging a president that is still in office or one that has recently left, such a George Bush, is futile as well as absurd. It takes about twenty years before history gives you an accurate accounting of their sucess or failure. As far as a revolution in this country, not going to happen. People may talk about it, but they wont do anything about it. We are a country of reactionaries. Look at any sucessful solution for a major problem that we have taken care of and you will see that we let the situation devolve until it became a crisis and then we fix it. We've always done this. The thing is we seem to be very good at it when we finally are forced into a corner.

    Evolution revolution then they won't matter.

    I say JIM TRAFFICANT from Ohio.He doesn't play games.


    Jim Trafficant was just another smooth talking crook,hell,he was all mobbed up.You don't hear too much about him here in Ohio anymore,but we always seem to have a wack job in Washington on any given day,we are dealing with Dennis this day!!!!

    I vote revolution!

    Au contraire mon frere.

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