What types of engine and system damage will result from not driving a car for more than a year?

    I know that oil seals can dry out and a battery can literally be "starved" to a young and untimely death, neading replacement. But what other problems can result from leaving a car for 18 months in one place without driving it?

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    Prophet is correct make sure you have "fresh" oil in the motor and drain and replace before using. I would suggest if possible start the engine at monthly intervals whilst stored and all allow to run for about ten minutes this will reoil all internal engine components that may otherwise dry out. During World war 2 a lot of cars were "put up on blocks" due to the unavailability of petrol and the standard proceedure was to fill the radiator with water containing soluble oil. drain the sump and raise the wheels off the ground to protect the tyres, hence "up on blocks"
    The oil tends to sludge after a while. But you can leave a car sit for 18 months and not be harmed. I would change the oil before and after parking the car, the battery may go down if their is a drain, but can be jumped started afterwards.

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