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    During pregnancy, an expectant mother’s body undergoes numerous physical, emotional and hormonal changes. One such change is the increase in the amount of vaginal discharge and this absolutely normal occurrence during pregnancy is termed as leukorrhea. The mucus is a mixture of vaginal secretions, cervical secretions, old vaginal wall cells and natural bacterial flora present in the vaginal area. This mucus discharge during pregnancy is generally odorless and may have a whitish tinge. In some women, the discharge is milky white in color with a mild odor. The increase in mucus discharge during pregnancy is mainly due to changing hormonal levels within the expectant mother’s body. During pregnancy, the production of the hormone estrogen increases and this is one of the main causes of increased vaginal discharge. This phase also brings with it an increase in the flow of blood to the lower abdomen and vaginal area resulting in increased discharge.

    Mucous discharge during early pregnancy is usually the outcome of the implantation process. The discharge may be accompanied by spotting or streaking and is completely normal. Soon after successful implantation, cervical secretions form a mucus plug or a protective barrier at the mouth of the uterus to ensure the safety of the little baby developing within the uterus. As the body prepares for labor, this protective barrier is expelled either in the form of a blob of mucus or in the form of a thick mucus discharge, similar to egg white or the result of a runny nose. This discharge may also contain a hint of blood.
    If you have any concerns with your health I suggest you see a qualified doctor not a bunch of looneys on here.

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