How do you pick up a Harley Davidson tour bike when you drop it?

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    Adrenalin-- Last time I dropped my Harley, i was so pumped with adrenalin I could have picked up a house.. I'm a little feller too!
    My father always said, if you can't lift it, don't own one. Looks like you're going to have to enlist some help if you can't lift it on your own.
    if its not yours, RUN!!
    its only a Harley. Just leave it
    Headless Man

    You're looking for trouble, you Goldwing

    I heard a noise coming up my road the other day and I thought comes a Harley. After waiting a few mins for it to make it up the hill.What was it...A tractor Ha. PUT PUT
    Also if you put highway pegs on your front crash bars when it falls over it has always stopped my bike from going past the pegs.
    you stand next to the bike, and use your hip to lift itup with your legs
    they have a utube viedo on this its great just take your time its not easy in any shape i have a ultra limited 103 just watch a be careful i have a club i got on ebay helps out the one person lift
    230357719440 its great
    The question is who you gonna call the proctologist or the podiatrist?

    To remove the owner of that Harley's Foot from your ass when he finds out you dropped his bike..... LMAO!!!!!
    first you pick up the "old lady" cause no harleys complete without one. then together assuming you all in one piece you work in unison and each take an end and slowly upright the machine ,leaving behind whatever is broken, except your ego. push bike to the side of road and call all your buddies to meet at the bar then talk about how much it will cost to repair

    You forgot..."get drunk and" right there between "bar" and "then"..... he he

    only cause they're already drunk
    Owned a Harley when I was seventeen. Swore I was hot shit till I dropped it. Bike weighted about 600 LBS. me 155 LBS. A cab driver helped me pick it up. So much for the macho thing, now I'm a cager. For wheels only.
    Where is you're BIG Harley
    Always ride with one.
    If you drop one then all you need is a brush and box. It will be in bits so brush it up and empty in box and the scrap man will give you about $20 for it lol. I am loving this.
    1st if the side with the kick stand is facing up then pull it out so when you pick it up, it will rest on it rather than falling over on the other side once you get it up. Crouch down with your bum against the seat and hold the handle bar. Using your leg strength push it back up while pulling on the handle bar. I dropped mine once and had it back up in seconds.If I can do it so can you. The adrenaline rush always

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