what causes mouth odour? is there a cure?

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    diabetes can cause quite pronouced mouth odor. Some people say it is sweet, but my uncle's wasn't
    dry mouth can cause mouth odor.
    If it's your stomach you could eat yoghurt.
    scrape your tongue very gently, drink lots of water, chew sugarless gum, brush, floss and ask your dentist
    This explains it all
    talking s..t yes there is a cure
    All good advice. Suggest you look at and see the dental problems section.
    Stomach problems can also cause it.
    unhealthy teeth. although there are other factors :)
    many factors include the tongue, teeth, gums and breathing through the mouth. brush teeth daily, use toothbrush to brush tongue, clean gums by up and down method on the teeth behind the teeth and use a circular motion when brushing your teeth to get to the gums on the front of the teeth. Using a mouthwash will also take care of some bad breath....check with your dentist.
    bacteria and bad teeth cause bad breath
    Hunger can cause mouth odor. Also, if your teeth have any cavities and there could be mouth sores this will do it. Lastly, if your mouth does not produce enough saliva you can get bad breath. All of these can be corrected. Ask your primary care doctor.

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