how much are your cigarettes?

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    7-8 bucks a pack here.

    Holy smokes! Sorry couldn't resist!

    I know it's your only vice Col, and I never smoked, so I have no basis for what I'm about to say, but I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't tell you that I would love to see you quit. Feel free to tell me to mind my own business (or worse) and my standard answer is that my friends are my business.

    MUCH love,
    your favorite worry wart...Coach XXX

    I doubt I'll quit and I bought ahead when I knew the prices were going to sky rocket. Have cigs for a long while yet. I know that saddens you. Sorry Coach.

    You're a big girl Col and NEVER need to apologize to me and I've voiced my concerns.

    Anyway, it's not like I don't have a cold case of beer in my fridge. I'll toast to your health and you can "have a drag?" for me and we'll both by happy. lol

    So colleen smokes :(
    I wish for you a happy, healthy and a long life.
    advice : Just don't smoke too much, i know you know the effects but it's good to be moderate :)

    I smoke the same amount of cigarettes today as I did when I was 14 years old. 1 pack every 2 days. I've never increased. Tried to decrease once but it didn't work. I like smoking. I also only smoke outdoors so I'm not living in perpetual cigarette smoke.

    (((Coach, dh))) Thank you for your concern.

    Now dh...we love Colleen and, like the other people in our lives that we love, we'll allow her the things in life that make her happy, cigarettes and talking to us!! :)

    No way colleen
    I'm amazed!
    since 14 years old-->one pack-->two days!!!
    That's A LOT !!
    Now i'm even more concerned :( Hope One day, one day if possible, you'll wake up one morning and Decrease the amount :)
    As a friend i wish you all the best

    That's true Coach :)

    Crap, lol..sorry....3 days, hit the wrong key. Easy dh, yes, even I agree a pack every 2 days is a lot for 14, LOL

    That's still a lot :(
    anyways, i know nothing i can say now can affect your life habit ever since 14, so like i said above, wish you all the best in your health :)

    LOL dh, 20 cigs to a pack. 20 divided by 3 equals about 6 cigs a day. I'm up for at least 19 hours out of the day. That's not a lot of smoking. Be happy I'm not a pack a day smoker ;)
    Now why can't people just answer the question without a lecture? I think everyone knows now that smoking causes cancer in some but not all people.

    lol, sorry colleen, felt like saying the above, it's not like i always do it :(

    24 dollars for pack of 50 in OZ approx 8-9 dollars with out tax
    I don't smoke cigarettes but I think last time I looked, name brand were like 6 bucks.. Probably not a good hobby to start..
    4.89 a pack after tax 5.15

    Where do you live? I might have to come visit, lol

    Dublin GA...
    6 bucks here, if I go cross the river, 5 bucks or 43 bucks for a carton.
    to answer the question like colleen said :)
    the lowest price for the cigaret packet in our country is about 10
    but it depends on the brand, it can reach up to 30 dollars :)

    LOL, thanks dh :)
    Don't smoke, i'll never ever know :)
    sometimes when i was a teenager, i saw my uncle smoking so much, i was offered as well by a friend, tried it and knew why it was so addictive, but it was only once. then after few weeks, he ended up in a hospital, died of a lung cancer. He smoked so much. coughing every day and night and never quitted, such a young adult's life ended so quickly, a lesson for me to learn from sadly :(

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