Especially Muslims!

    I wish all anti-Americans would go back to where they came from, don't you! Or else live as we Americans do and keep their mouth shut!

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    Live the American dream or go home were you can live the dream of your dictator.

    Do you mean radical Muslims or just the regular run of the mill ordinary ones? It's a large group you are dealing with, hard to just label them all, isn't it?

    agree with leeroy, :)

    I think if they are radical.We should send them back home.We send the Mexicans back and their not radicals.

    Even the "so called" peaceful Muslims would have no qualms with America being totally taken over by Islam life style!! So the more we allow them to have a say the closer we get to toally losing this country and what it has ALWAYS stood for!! America cannot be America if it keeps apologizing to every third world nation then allowing anyone to come here and turn it into what ever they want!! Why do they leave their country in the first place!! If America is so bad, then go back where they came from!!

    There is no such thing as ordinary run of the mill Muslims! The one's that are here, are waiting for more of America to look the other way until more of this country belongs to them!! Then do you think they will riot and protest that America is too much Muslim??? No!! They will no that they have taken over this country without firing a shot!! In order to first being to bring down a giant, one first has to water down the beliefs and values of that giant. Once that is done, the rest is just a matter of time!!

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