Have a 2002 windstar was driving it and the odometer speedomotor cruise stopped working The OD light is flashing also the brake and ABS light are on. Have changed the fuse and it blows immediately

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    Too many variables to your problem, take it to the Ford dealer. I would have suggested a computer problem but that would not cause fuses to blow. All these symptoms are unrelated to each other-- Just maybe you have a junction(connector) that you hit with your foot (underdash) or something, I dunno.. I had knocked a connector loose once and it took me a month to figure out what happened, I must've done it with my foot.

    You really need to take it to the dealer.. Too many possibilities.
    Similar thing happened to me in my Dodge. It was the solenoid that went out. They replaced it, reset everything else and it works fine now. Check with Ford dealer.

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