When God requires faith for salvation does he teach the necessity of Baptism?

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    aaah thought provoking' this seems to be a real stickler, but wouldn't salvation require faith, baptism is a sign of spirtual faith
    Daren, Thanks again for considering my thoughts. Yes I agere that salvation requires faith and baptism is a sign of spiritual faith. My point is that God requires both for a person to become a Christian. People often say, "I accepted Christ and became a Christian at... then some time later I was baptized." That's not the way the Bible speaks. Faith always comes before true baptism but true conversion comes at the point of baptism. Notice again what the Scripture says about baptism.

    I Pet. 3:21 It saves us
    Acts 2:38 To receive remission of sins
    Acts 22:16 To wash our sins away
    Rom. 6:3-6 To get into Christ; To have unity;
    To get a new life; To crucify self; To be resurrected
    Rom 6:4, 5 To receive a new birth; To become free from sin
    I Cor. 12:13 To get into the body
    Col. 2:11, 12 So sin can be circumcised from our heart
    Gal 3:27 To clothed ourselves with Christ

    If the things listed above come at baptism then how can we claim these things before. Baptism is no more important that faith, confession and repentance but the others takes us TO the point of salvation. Baptism puts INTO Christ.
    When God requires faith for salvation does he teach the necessity of Baptism?

    Mark 16:15 teaches salvation by faith 16:16 by baptism

    John 3:16 teaches salvation by faith 3:5 by baptism

    Acts 16:31 teaches salvation by faith 16:33 by baptism

    Rom 3:22 teaches salvation by faith 6:3, 4 by baptism

    Gal 2:15 teaches salvation by faith 3:26 by baptism

    Eph 3:17 teaches that Christ dwells in our hearts by faith 4:4 by baptism

    1 Peter 1:9 teaches salvation by faith 3:21 saved by baptism

    Therefore the scriptures plainly show that to be saved we must have both faith and baptism. We simply can not go through the Bible cafeteria style choosing what we like and throw away the rest.

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