Is the United States still the greatest country in the World?

    Immigration, health care, crime, and a slumping economy are crippling our Nation. The face of America is not what it once was. That being said, are we still the greatest country in the world?

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    Have any of you ever lived in another Country? I have. The USA is by far not what it used to be. Powerful Corporations and a corrupt goverment are wiping out our middleclass and most jobs are going overseas. We are going bankrupt.Where is the future for our children?To some it may still be the greatest country in the world, but in reality it is losing its standing in the world.

    Australia was great, until we got Jul-liar Gillard.

    Great answer Ann. You just grabbed the bull by the horns. TU to you
    terryfossil 1

    @ Eggplant,was not any better when they went back to Rudd..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..
    Always has been and will remain the greatest place on earth.Thank you all veterans,past and present on this Memorial Day...USA-,NOW & FOREVER.
    We've misplaced our roots, but we are still who we are, Americans. Think about what this world would be like if we didn't intervene in famines, disease, disasters, etc; I say f**k them all and die. They don't appreciate our compassion. Ask China, or Russia for help. Haiti is a perfect example of our generosity. You can't help those who will not help themselves.
    I still think we are and will be better after next election.
    I would not trade my USA for all of Scandinavia! A great place to visit, very beautiful and charming people---> I love my USA regardless of its shortcomings and I am proud of what we stand for, and we don't keep it all to ourselves, we help other countries in need.. That's not all bad.. :) And it's beautiful here too!!!!

    depends who you ask id like to think we are. were #1 at exportating war.number one at manufacturing econimes.we come in last at world diplomesy .the world hates america , i sure don't despite the problems we have were else can you have apple pie while riding in your car on the way to the church of your choice

    I agree, but most of these people are disolutioned. They end up living in poverty and living hand to mouth when they do arrive in the US. Unfortunately, they become a strain on our society.
    Yes, I think we are. We might not be perfect, but we have always reached out to help others in their time of need. I like many who have voiced the same, agree that it says a lot about its people. Just look at pictures of cemetaries filled with American soldiers along the beaches of France, and you will realize scope of our willingness to heart rests with all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of others. I once took an oath to defend this country from all enemies, domestic and foreign, and it takes a certain love for the people you say you'd give your life for defending. Even though my country's government pisses me off at times, my heart is still with yes, I think it is a great country. I just think we should import more scantily clad Scandinavian blondes in bikinis. (Smile!)
    It must be great. Not too many people are trying to get out of here. Plenty are trying to get in though legally or illegally.

    the united states is nothing close to a third world country. this country needs to repent of their sins and turn to God again and God promises He will heal our land if we do that. God bless America!

    who said you were?--------- only in the northern hemisphere.
    I have purposely not commented on this question before because I feel that the people of any country have a right to think theirs` is the best and if they don`t they should go elsewhere.
    Be proud of who you are but don`t believe all others feel the same.
    I personaly have a great regard fo the US of bloody A, warts and all.

    Tell you what though, you would be pushing soft s..t up a hill with a wide mouth shovel to beat Australia.

    you said it all!
    The face of America has changed forever. The immigrant today refuses to conform to US customs and speak the English language. America is starting to look like a third world nation. Crime, litter and taking advantage of the US taxs dollar seems to be the norm with the folks crossing the border. Unfortunately, bleeding heart liberals protect and promote this abuse. The damage is done and will never be what it was. I hate to see what America will be like in twenty-five years. God Bless America, she needs it.
    The immigrants think we're great.
    Only the most powerful. When I visited America I was disappointed, I expected something more.

    Great Britain!!!  Iv'e got to say that being British (a bit out numbered here me thinks lol).


    The English, the English, the English are best,
    And I don't give tuppence for all of the rest.

    I love America, but I just don't have that feel good feeling that I pocessed years ago. Crime, illegal immigration, a sagging economy and a national debt that I just can't get a grip on. Sometimes I think the damage is irreversible. Let's face it, a very large percentage of our population is speaking Spanish and have no desire to learn English or conform to our ways. What does that tell you? America will never be the same.

    Yes, in terms of national debt.



    What do you mean, 'Still' ?

    Here you are 5 years down the track,and you have Donald Trump saying" Lets make America great again".he must be listening to you,,because he agrees with you in believing America has slipped a rung..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..""


    After 8 years of Obama

    I also find it interesting that this man is constantly criticizing other peoples' looks. Really?

    We are really between a rock and a hard place, but I'll go with the insulting narcissist over the lying fraud.

    A hard choice indeed.

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