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    dye it obviously
    there is an additive called "grey magic" as well as "root busters"
    that you add into hair coloring, made specificaly to attack the grey hairs!... my moms was a hairdresser for over twenty five years
    ole hipster

    Hi daren1...ask your Mom for me if anybody makes a coloring additive to make that white hair more silver? I like my streaks (MANY of them) of grey hair as I was a blonde when younger and now it's a nice mix! Grey or white hair can really be quite beautiful!

    silver and gold its the wave of the future. sorry but mom "dyed" 8 years ago
    DHEA is supposed to return hair back to normal color. Not sure it works, let me know if it does.
    Shave your head!
    I think white hair can look quite nice! As for not pulling them out 'cause they multiply...if that were the case there wouldn't be so much balding!! :)
    OMG! Just dye it. lol
    Don't pull them out because they multiply.
    Take RoyalJelly 1000 miligrams a day.
    ole hipster

    It's a natural steroid hormone that you can purchase in health food stores and I've seen it at Walgreens also...don't know if it works, but it sure sounds interesting!

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