who is allowed to see my medical records with in the medical sector

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    Only the attending physicians or consulting physicians who are providing your care. Your nurse or any other support member, such as a physical therapist has access to your medical records. You must sign a release for any other physician to have access to your medical file. You can specify what information they can and can not receive as well. Mental Health is the same. There are only a few other ways a health professional can divulge any of your information. 1) By a court order 2) if you are a threat to yourself or any one else- this is required by law and 3) If you divulge information or they suspect you have or will injure a child.

    Anyone except U!

    only your personal physician and anyone you sign a release to i would say its patient privacy act

    To the best of my knowledge health care professionals that are involved in your"circle of care" are be able to access information regarding your health. It is a little different when it comes to information regarding your psychological records. Some disciplines may have restricted access to certain information. As well,request a copy of your medical records. You will however be charged a fee for the photocopies. You can contact the Freedom of Information and Privacy officer with your concerns. They can be reached at (613) 455-3250 extension 218.

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