what stimulated our love for god

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    Because he first loved us. We are incomplete without his love. Everyday man fills his life with other things to make him happy and content but the only thing that will fill that void is the true love from God!

    I don't believe in the Bible or God but I feel happy and complete, no void here :)

    Ashligh- - - just because you don't believe in God, doesn't mean that He doesn't exist.
    The Holy Spitit led me to Jesus. My name is in the book of life. What a day it will be when that book is opened.
    I was born a child of God,but as I got older I realized how much I really need him,he does complete me,living in this world and enduring so many things has definitely stimulated my love for God,to those that think they don't need him,keep living in this thing called life a Little longer and then you will understand it was all an illusion and then you will I really do need him.Why would you deny so much devotion?Why would you deny his love?He has nothing to lose...but you do.I'm so privileged to (know)him,ans so happy to love him.
    God's Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit!
    Because he created us in his image. There is a place in our heart that only he and Jesus can fill, but too many people are too busy trying to fill that place with material things, drugs, alcohol, anything but Jesus. It is like the square peg in the round hole nothing else will ever fit there or be right except when we fill that space with Jesus.
    Parents and their upbringing

    The life i was leading forced me to look for a better way to live life..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    what stimulated our love for god? Love is the way of all understand. Like the fire triangle, heat, fuel and air combine to produce fire. Love and fire are similar in this way. Fire grows as it consumes fuel in the presence of air. Love grows as it consumes mystery in the presence of knowing. In both fire and love there are similarities. If fire had a choice of the fuel it could burn, It would seek to burn the hottest fastest fuel it could find so that it could burn hotter. Similarly love naturally seeks out the highest order of mystery there is to know and understand. We call the source of all mystery God because all of human kind seeks to know and understand the greatest mystery of all. In this way all religions can be seen as beautiful. I find beautiful religions and all of their diversity exciting.
    God by Love, the need for self-awareness to the uplift of Humanity as a whole. This is the Great Work. :)

    hennie, they took Him off the cross after he was dead. Then, he came back to life.
    the thought of imminent death

    We are all born with a God gene in us. Look at primitive people- - - - -they believe in some sort of a god too. So did the Original Americans......the American Indians spoke of the Great Spirit ; and the happy hunting grounds.

    Total brainwashing.

    Your sister,


    That question can´t answered by someone for a hole community or for a group of persons ,  it is a very personal question that has to be questioned for a individual , as it is a very personal , what triggers someone , may not trigger at all to someone else ,  or not ,  in the same dimension  ,  but if you want a answer for yourself ,  let me give you a tip if I may ,  open up your Torah or Bible ,  start to study it from the beginning , 2 chapters per day from Bereshit = Genesis , and then  let the Lord to  talk TO YOU   from HIS word , and for sure He will talk to your heart  those sweet  things that He has  ! Just for you !  then you may get what will trigger you !

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