would boric acid and powdered sugar kill fire ants?

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    Boric acid is sometimes used in a 24 hour urine collection bottle. The instructions given to men is to not stick the penis inside the bottle or a severe burn may occur. So the logical conclusion is that if a small amount of boric acid will burn your penis off then it should kill an ity-bity ant!

    Has a lot of uses. Fire retardant, antiseptic are others.
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    However if your careful a little gasoline will work, just don't smoke wile using it and it will kill your grass also.
    When, I lived in FLA. the fire ants were bad so, I would doush good with gasoline and set ablaze, didn't have anymore problems.
    Boric acid alone will kill the ants. But I suggest diatomaceous earth . Buy food grade d e , put around ant hill , the take a tablespoon in juice for yourself. It is good for you. Food grade only though. Look it up.
    Also, don't let your pets near the boric acid it is poisonous.

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