what can i do when i can't afford health insurance

    i lost my job a year ago couldn't afford cobra and now have nothing for me or my family i am at the age i need screenings like mamagrams etc. can't go to much money. what do hard working people like my husband and i do?

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    If you are in the U.S. most states have a medical assistance program for people who cannot afford health insurance. Contact your Health and Human Services in your county.
    Don't get sick...

    he.he.he.he.he.he :) what an awesome answer
    Most OBGYN's will give you a free mammogram. There are plenty of charities that donate money for the people who can not afford them. See your town about medical insurance. In my state, we can be insured through the town program. You will have to pay some of it back but not all if you ever come into money (lottery, inheritance) See if your state offers something like that.

    I understand the newly passed health law included free mammograms once a year or every two years. And vote Democrat next election or the Republicans will scuttle it.

    Could be true. No one is even looking at the new health laws. No one wants to talk about them I think. Too many do not want Obamacare.

    It's not Obamacare, it's healthcare voted by your Congress last year. Accept it.

    I refuse to accept obamacare. Everyone should.
    are you a legal person in the USA? If you are there is not much you can do but now hey there if you are illegal no problem you get it free
    Hope Obama gets re-elected.

    If he does, all your health care, housing, food, car insurance,heating and electrical bills will ALL be paid for by people who get up and go to work everyday and pay thier TAXES so you can do this.

    God Bless The Liberal Socialist State of USA.

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