Bing seach tool bar - how do I remove it from my computer?

    I'm not sure how Bing got onto my computer - I do not use it - I do not want it.
    It just takes up a whole line on my page. I have done everything I can think of. Any suggestions on how to get it off my homepage?

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    Bing hides under the name, conduit engine.

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    Go to start on your computer then chose control panel then click on Default programs. At the bottom left hand side of this page there will be See Also and directly under click on Programs and Features. All of your programs will appear and click on the Bing icon and it will ask you if you want to permanently remove it and select yes. Problem solved. That is how on Vista at least.
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    to remove the bing toolbar simply go to the control panel (found in the start menu) click on add-remove programs (windows xp) and find the bing toolbar. Double click and you've removed it.

    up in the lelf top of your homepage just click the red x

    The normal procedure to disable a toolbar:

    Click the browser 'View' menuSelect 'Toolbars'Uncheck the toolbar name

    This will hide it from view, however be aware that some adware programs remain actively monitoring your internet activity even though their toolbar is disabled.

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